Sandra and Nicole Ripp

"I love thinking about how a plan can be transformed into a finished object."
Sandra Ripp

Gemstones present high demands; they are hard, but fragile and the various inclusions mean that the material differs from stone to stone. For Sandra Ripp these are not obstacles, but challenges.

Sandra Ripp loves plans. She, too, is fascinated by the beauty of perfectly-cut gemstones, but her focus is upon the technical processing of those stones. As a consequence, her attention is dedicated to the technical department at Groh + Ripp. She organises the work on the CNC ma-chines, supports her customers and, above all, is constantly in search of opportunities to expand the ways in which gemstones can be worked. Figures and plans have always interested her more than the jewellery itself. As a consequence, she approaches her work in a completely different way to her sister. Whilst Nicole Ripp sees an uncut stone and recognises how it can become a jewel, Sandra Ripp firstly looks at the plans of the customers and the respective models. Then she considers how those plans can be implemented, what material specifications can be determined and what work stages are required. Each job order and every repair represents a new challenge to her. This makes every working day an exciting one. 

The two sisters pursue two completely different approaches to their work. They frequently use the same starting materials and give them a new face in the form of different projects. 

As different as Nicole and Sandra Ripp may be, they complement each other very well. With their completely different approaches, their completely different eye for the uncut stone they cover both sides of the work with the gemstones. Bernd Willi Ripp is extremely proud when the subject turns to his daughters. “Even though every opportunity was open to them, it was really always clear that they would go on to manage the company,” he says, with a smile, “The course has been set for the future.”